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Updated: Mar 22, 2023

  • Becoming organized reduces stress and anxiety.

  • Downsize before relocating to eliminate moving unnecessary items. Take advantage of all the time available before moving day - downsize over a longer period to reduce anxiety and increase results. Rushed downsizing is not as effective. Less stress = better outcome.

  • Creating a place or “home” for items is one goal of organization. When everything has a home, everything is easier to find, and less time is wasted.

  • Creating organized processes increases efficiency to improve productivity in day-to-day activities.

  • Let your space tell you what organization tools are needed.

  • Effective organizing improves functionality by prioritizing easy access to most used items. Items that are used regularly should be placed in the main cupboard, top drawer, front of the closet, etc. Do not use prime locations for infrequently used items.

  • Anyone can be organized by recognizing and embracing their individual organizational style.

  • Benefits of file management: reduce clutter, shred/delete unneeded paperwork and files, quickly locate any needed files, simplicity.

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